Welcome to Aeoliki Marine !

Aeoliki Marine offers ship management services, to the commercial shipping, superyacht and offshore industries.

Our primary customers are shipowners operating worldwide, with fleets of tankers, containerships, bulk carriers, cruiseships, superyachts and ferries.

Our primary focus is in providing our customers with Marine Lubricants, Fleet Management, Ship Security & Vessel Monitoring systems, Marine Electronic Services including Spare parts and Crew Management

Software Solutions
Loading Software
Vessel Tracking
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Ship Security Alert Systems

Ship Security Alert System
SSAS fleet Integration
Spares for SSAS system
Installations & Service

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Marine Lubricants
Specialist Lubricants

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Condition Monitoring & Spares

Onboard Luboil Test Kits
Fuel Oil Test Kits
Battery Spares

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Marine Asset Tracking
LRIT Long Range Identification & Tracking Regulations
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Fleet Management

Fleet Management Service

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Aeoliki Marine works together with owners to meet their objectives for reducing costs & improving operational & safety efficiency. Whether it is SSAS service, loading software, condition monitoring equipment, supply of marine lubricants, LRIT test or battery spares, we will help you select the right products and services, and supply them wherever they are needed.